About the Office of Youth Protection

In 2018, the University reaffirmed its commitment to provide a safe and secure environment for minors participating in University-sponsored activities and programs on University property and in University facilities or under the authority of the University at other locations. To safeguard minors and those working with minors and provide for their well-being, the University has established minimum requirements for those who work with or interact with individuals under the age of 18. These minimum requirements include things like background checks, training, and adherence to a Code of Conduct for those who have direct care, custody, and control of minors participating in these programs.

In 2019, the Office of Youth Protection was created to provide a centralized office to resource programs involving minors, and to provide processes, procedures, and assistance in program staff complying with applicable laws.

The Office of Youth Protection seeks to collaborate with programs to understand your goals and how you operate in order to support your program in meeting the requirements of the Policy and continuing to offer excellent youth events and opportunities.