Register Your Program

Step 1: Connect with the Office of Youth Protection

There are many types of youth programs. Please contact the Office of Youth Protection at to determine if your program/activity is considered a covered program.

While there are many activities involving minors on and around Grounds (on-campus/off-campus), only “covered programs” are required to complete registration, background checks, and training under the Protection of Minors and Reporting Abuse Policy. 

A covered program may include an academic, athletic, or recreational activity offered to minor participants, such as summer camps, sports camps, academic camps, theater camps, music camps, workshops, conferences, competitions, mentoring, shadowing, group experiential learning opportunities, and other enrichment programs. Covered programs may be residential (overnight) or non-residential (day programs) and may also include an organized program conducted by a third party that takes place on University property.

Step 2: Register Your Program

Programs meeting the criteria of a covered program must meet the following requirements:

  1. Register the program with the Office of Youth Protection at least 30 days prior to the start of the program
  2. Covered program staff must complete Youth Protection Training
  3. Covered program staff must complete background checks

To access the Youth Protection Portal and register your program, contact the Office of Youth Protection at

Step 3: Plan for and find resources to provide a fun and safe environment for youth in your program

Visit the Resource Library for additional resources, best practices, and training and FAQs